sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

Who am I that I come to be here...?

Ontem ouvi três músicas que resumem o que sinto, o que penso e o que quero:

1) "I can't hear you no more" (Russ Ballard)

2) "As I live and breath, you have kill me... but I forgive you" (Morrissey)

3) "Once you... were in my review mirror" (Pearl Jam)

1 comentário:

Filipe disse...

...I seem to look away
Wounds in the mirror waved
It wasn't my surface most defiled
Head at your feet fool to your crown
Fist on my plate, swallowed it down
Enmity gauged, united by fear
Tried to endure what I could not forgive...

"Pearl Jam"